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We are a new Rum that is coming to market. And we are looking for people that want to have fun and be a part of what we believe in. Hook Hand Rum is a social brand that is here for the specific purpose of making your times with friends and family more! We have a tagline "Where Tales Are Born" and this is what we live by. Take your life and live it so that you have tales to tell of your adventures. Register, sign up, follow us and join us in this launch, it is going to be epic!

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This is the Tale of Bartholomew Scott

His tale was legendary, he was known for having of the best rum and throwing the greatest parties. As we begin this brand we will begin to tell the tales of Bartholomew Scott and why he only stole rum, why he marked his booty with flavors of importance and why he was known as Hook Hand.

Where Tales are Born

Nothing is better than getting together with friends and sharing stories from life. This is what Hook Hand Rum is all about, people getting together, sharing their lives, being social. When a get together has Hook Hand Rum present, this is Where Tales are Born.

We are handcrafted with only natural ingredients


We make Hook Hand Rum from only the finest of natural ingredients. Just the way Bartholomew did. We use real Blood Orange and Madagascar Vanilla extracts and add a hint of pure cane brown sugar for a flavor profile that will delight your taste buds.

Become a Member of the Original Crew!

This is only for a select few. After we launch we will start our campaign where you can join the Original Crew by purchasing a special coin. But it will be only for those who show up first and with passion. There will be a once and only minting. Possession of a coin will get you into Hook Hand Rum Parties or Events for free and with VIP access, so never lose it, because there are gifts and rewards for the original crew that holds their coin. Register today to be ready.

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Signature Drink Series


Hook + Punch

Hook + Punch is Hook Hand’s take on a rum punch. A rum punch is the opportunity to combine many delicious flavors into one fun cocktail. An ample pour of Hook Hand rum, fresh tropical fruits and attention to detail make this drink pack a satisfying punch to your taste buds. 


Stolen Stash

Our Stolen Stash is filled with all the bounty one would want in a balanced cocktail. Reinforcing the flavor profiles of Hook Hand rum’s blood orange, brown sugar and vanilla we add Amaro Nonino and Aperol to enhance and lengthen our signature blend of rum. Simply made and yet complex to the palate. 


Mates for Mutiny

Mates for Mutiny is a new and yet irreverent mixing of Hops and Rum. Hook Hand rum has found good mates in fresh citrus and beer with this cocktail bringing bright refreshing flavors to the party. We challenge you to make enough for everybody to have multiple drinks or you may have a most guaranteed mutiny on your hands.


Strumpet's Booty

Strumpet’s Booty is that confidence when you are good at something.  She is approachable, easy on the eyes and tastes….well that is without a doubt the best part. Ripe melons and a hint of spice keep the intrigue palatable. With Hook Hand rum giving spirit and poise this will be an experience she has crafted for you to not forget.