Josh Jestington’s Ships Passing in the Night

A Special Collection

We at Hook Hand Rum are very proud to announce our first ever artist and spirits collaboration: Ships Passing in the Night - a visual history of Hook Hand in the Americas. This curated event will feature famed miniature ship in bottle builder Josh Jestington and a set of one of a kind replicas of infamous ships. 

Drawing on both written and drawn records, Josh custom built three different ships, housed in official Hook Hand Rum bottles. The three ships - The Santa Maria, The HMS Beagle, and The Endurance will all have their stand alone features, along with a history of how the ship and Hook Hand connect. 

On Display for one night only, Saturday,  April 8th, those with access will get an exclusive tailored viewing experience at the Hidden Art Gallery in Laguna Beach, CA. After the showing, we’ll sit down with Josh in a Q and A where he details his process, how he created the ships living inside each bottle, and how they come to life -  including specific details true to the actual ships that Hook Hand himself was rumored to have sailed on at some point in his life.


The Hidden Art Gallery

A museum and historical relic in its own right, The Hidden Art Gallery started out as an underground bunker that housed illegal rum stores during the 1600's. Legend tells it to have stored Hook Hand Rum itself, we saw this as the perfect opportunity to showcase this visual history in a unique way. 

As with all Hook Hand events, secrecy is key. Only those who RSVP and obtain invitations will be given instructions on the day of the event as to where it is and how to get in. As our guest you will enjoy an evening of fantastic experiences. These will be worthy tales at your next meeting with friends, but sorry no cameras will be allowed.

Make sure to get up close and personal with the bottles, as they’ll reveal key features like hyper-realistic woodworking and sail works. Don’t believe us, check out the sneak peek photos below. At the end of the night, a silent auction will take place and all proceeds will go to fund further ventures in art and spirit collaborations. 

Don’t get caught out in the wind, RSVP now and see exactly what Josh and Hook Hand Rum have created!

A Sneak Peak